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2020 08 01 The Blessing Project, Spirit Extra August 2020

Following on from the choir's recent Covid project 'Abide O Spirit', the Choir now invite the whole parish community to join together in producing a video of 'The Blessing'.

If singing isn't your 'thing', dancing, swaying, waving, playing an instrument, or just providing a still photo will be gratefully received. The idea is to get as many parishioners faces included in a video clip as possible. Many churches around Australia and in fact the world, have joined in this project with some amazing video clips being produced (just search YouTube for 'The Blessing'). Click these links to see the Details of the project, the lyrics and the music. Start with the instructions in the project. If you have questions, email Maree Buttler (details in the project).

The latest Spirit Extra Magazine, #8 - August 2020, is out this weekend. Check it out here

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