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Following is a log of announcements that have been made since our lock down journey.

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Covid 19 Updates

2020 07 11 Parish AGM, Winter Shelter Update, Spirit Extra! July #1

Holy Spirit Parish AGM

Please join us on Wednesday 15th July at 7:30pm.  Due to the current COVID restrictions this meeting will be held via Zoom.

Parish Groups, Sporting Clubs and School have been sent reports on their activities and how COVID has affected them.

To get details and to book, please contact the Parish House by phone, 9876 1077, or email, RingwoodNorth@cam.org.au.

Winter Shelter Update

Refer the WS Newsletter July 2020.pdf.

Spirit Extra!

Spirit Extra! July #1 is out now.

2020 07 10 Fr. Arsenio update re. Stage 3 Lockdown and cessation of services

My dear friends in Christ,

We are just returning to our normal ways and who would have thought we find ourselves back again to stage 3 lockdown. Premier Dan Andrews' announcement of at least 6 weeks lockdown was distressing and disappointing for us all. This affects everyone in many different ways. As far as parish life is concerned, this means unfortunately no more Masses. Churches and chapels are to be closed for weeks ahead but limited sacraments are allowed with 10 people for funerals and 5 people for weddings.

We may find this pandemic era as the worst of times but is indeed the best of times to show our sense of personal discipline and our willingness to show our spirit of solidarity and resilience. We have a faith that unceasingly prays and we absolutely trust, with Jesus in our midst, that we will overcome this together and move forward to a better life ahead of us all. Stay safe and God bless us all!

Fr. Arsenio

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Welcome to Holy Spirit Parish

Welcome to our Parish Website. This parish is situated at Ringwood North in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The Holy Spirit Parish Vision


We aim to make our parish a missionary parish based on the five pillars of Church life - Worship, Evangelization, Discipleship, Community and Ministry. To actualise this dream we are currently working on Divine Renovation based on Alpha.

Since its inception in 1972, Holy Spirit Parish has moved through many stages of development and today continues to strive to be a vibrant community of faith within the Archdiocese. The number of people involved in the sacramental and outreach programmes helps us to bear witness to Christ in our day today life.

We invite you to become part of Holy Spirit parish family by worshiping at Holy Mass, participating in our many activities and service opportunities, and giving your time and talent. Please feel free to come and visit us or contact the parish office if you require further assistance.


Reaping the rich harvest of God's goodness

Saturday 11th July 2020

Reaping the rich harvest of God's goodness

Reaping the rich harvest of God's goodness

Jesus compares the word of God, intended to produce fruit in our lives, to seed sowed in the earth by the farmer. The seed of the word of God is first planted in our hearts. If it doesn't get our whole hearted attention in our lives, it withers and dies. Growth in the life of Christ is not always a smooth and straightforward process. The different types of soil can be the varied response we make to His word depending on the twists and turns of life. When we meet with disappointments and setbacks, obstacles may pile up against our good intentions and weakens our choices. Moments like this call for deep faith. No matter what the situation, we have to struggle to believe.

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Today's Readings

Today's readings are provided by Melbourne Catholic, a publication of the Communications Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.