Parish Rosters

Holy Spirit has many groups of parishioners who volunteer their time and talents to run aspects of the Parish on a rostered basis.  A short description of most of these Rosters follows.  Rosters are prepared every four months.

For further information or if you wish to join any of our Rosters, please contact the Parish Secretary.

Altar Serving Roster

Open to children once they have received their First Eucharist.  Altar servers assist Father at one of our weekend eucharistic celebrations.  Initial training is held over 4 sessions on a Monday after school commencing September and they are then commissioned at a weekend mass.  There is a "Guidebook for Altar Servers" available.  Current groups serve once every 3-4 weeks.

Baptism Team Roster

Baptism Information Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month (excluding January) at 7.30 pm in the Mary Bresnan Room of the Parish House.  Teams of 2-3 people are required to welcome and greet families who wish to have their children baptised and explain the process involved.  There is an instruction book to follow.  Depending on numbers your turn may be once every 3-4 months.

Chapel Cleaning Roster

Chapel cleaning is conducted weekly.  Duties include vaccuuming, dusting and general tidy up of the Chapel.  Current numbers are once every 7 weeks.

Childrens Liturgy Leader's Roster

During school terms on Saturday night and Sunday morning, children are taken out during mass for about 30 minutes where they are taught the Word of God, sing songs and do activities at their level.  Adult leaders are always needed to help with this vital and important ministry to our younger members of the community and your turn would come around approximately once every 4 weeks.  A Working with Children check must be undertaken.

Click here for more information about the Childrens Liturgy Group

Church Set Up and Clean Roster

A group, under the direction of a Team Leader, meets every Saturday morning to set the Church up for weekend masses.  Duties include sweeping the floor, setting up the chairs, laying out the carpet runner etc.  There is no heavy lifting involved.  Depending on numbers, groups meet once every 7-8 weeks.

Counters Roster

Counters meet weekly to count the takings and Thanksgiving Envelopes from the weekend masses.  Current groups meet once a month.

Eucharistic Ministers Roster

Six eucharistic ministers are required at each of our weekend masses to distribute communion to the congregation.  There is a handbook available and special training can be undertaken with courses available from the Archdiocese.  Current groups are rostered on once every 3-4 weeks.

Gardening Roster

Gardening is undertaken once a week on Saturday mornings.  Duties include sweeping the outside of the Church and Chapel areas, removing any obvious rubbish and general tidy up and weeding of the Church and Chapel garden areas.  No mowing of grass is involved.  Current groups are rostered on once every 4 weeks

Sunday Home Communion Roster

After 9am mass on Sundays, The Eucharist is taken to elderly or housebound parishioners in their own homes or nursing homes.  Volunteers work in pairs and are usually rostered very 6-8 weeks.

Lector Roster

Lectors proclaim the Word of God at our weekend masses.  As a Lector you would receive a copy of the readings during the week before your rostered Mass so that you are familiar with them.  No training is required however a strong and confident voice is desirable.  This is a popular roster with your turn once or twice a quarter.

Mass Captain/Commentator Roster

The Mass Captain assists the Parish Priest by preparing items before the start of Mass.  This involves opening up the Church, setting up the microphones and computer laptop, introducing the start of mass, reading Prayers of the Faithful and other duties as listed in the Mass Captain folder.  The current turn around is once every 4-5 weeks.

Monday Communion Service Roster

Every Monday morning at 9.00 am, a Communion Service is conducted in the Chapel.  We need volunteers to assist with conducting the Communion Service.  Current turn around is once every 6 weeks.

Piety Stall Roster

The Church has a piety stall which is open before and after each weekend mass.  Items for sale include religious cards, rosary beads, bibles, etc.  Maning the stall is required for about 10 minutes before and after each mass.  Current turn around is once every 4-5 weeks.

Sacristan Roster

Sacristan duties are performed weekly and involve general tidy up and cleaning of the Sacristy, washing of purifiers, corporals and towels and other duties as listed.  Current turn around is once every 7 weeks.

Tea and Coffee Roster

Tea and Coffee is offered after all weekend masses.  We have a church kitchen with full facilities.  As a Volunteers you just need to serve tea and coffee, biscuits and do the washing up afterwards.  This is something you can do on your own or with a partner.  Current turn around is once every 5-7 weeks.