Prep Welcome Mass

Co-ordinator / Leader Michelle Sherriff
Contact Number Parish House: as per our Contact-Us page.
Members / Participants Over 200
Year the group started ~ 2000
Gathering place / time Sunday Mass, once per year
Holy Spirit Church
Main Function / Purpose Liturgy and Celebraration - Celebrate the Prep students who commencing their primary school journey at Holy Spirit Community School.

Prep Welcome Mass - 2015

Sunday 15th March at 10.30am gave us the wonderful opportunity to welcome the new prep children, their parents and families to our parish.

This special annual Mass that has been continuing in our community since 2000 was a lovely occasion for all who participated.

Over 90 parents and 90 children plus our usual 10.30 mass congregation gathered together to celebrate the beginning of these precious ones' schooling at Holy Spirit Community School and our other local primary schools.

A special liturgy was created and Fr. Joe had the children come at sit at the front of the church so that they could see everything that was going on.

Each child was presented with a medal from Fr. Joe after the students had prayed their classroom prayer.

A sausage sizzle was served by our Grade 6 School Leaders along with soft drinks for the children whilst many of the children played on the playground equipment.

A most enjoyable Sunday morning shared with community.

We give thanks to God for the blessings He bestows on us all and also thanks to everyone who made the day work so well.

Images - 2015