Foregiveness Service Booklets

I will give you a new heart

2024 Lent

God's Gift to us at Christmas

2023 Advent

The Good Shepherd

2023 Lent

Understanding, Mercy, love, ...

2022 Advent

Recognising when we have not made the right choices

2022 Lent

Advent - The Season Of Hope, Walk In The Path Of Jesus

2021 Advent

Why have you forsaken me? (Post lockdown)

2021 Lent


2020 Advent

No service re. Covid 19 lockdowns

Why have you forsaken me? (Lockdown)

2020 Lent

Understanding, Mercy, love, ...

2019 Advent

For Where Your Treasure Is Your Heart Will Be Also

2019 Lent

Wise men and women seek Him still…

2018 Advent


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