How can I contribute financially to Holy Spirit Parish?

Holy Spirit Parish is a community of Catholics that care for each other and the wider local community of North Ringwood. Your financial pledges are the basis of our financially supported services and programs. We look to our parishioners to commit what they can.

Giving back one hour of our weekly toil, 1/40th or 2.5% of our weekly income, is a small but meaningful sacrifice to God who has given us 100% of everything we have.

We suggest you set up two pledges on a monthly basis for the amounts that work for you:

  1. Stewardship - supports the mission of our Parish and the work of the church across Melbourne. We need this to pay for things like pastoral and sacramental programs, insurance, utilities, loans and other Church and Parish operating expenses, as well as the salaries of our staff.
  2. Presbytery - for the stipend and food expenses of the parish priest.

These are the different ways you can make a financial contribution. They are listed in order of most preferred to least, generally on the basis as to which involve the least Banking charges and is the most efficient. Click on the option below that suits you best and to find out more.

Payment Methods

  1. Bank Transfer

    Most Banks provide a bank transfer or "Pay-Anyone" facility, where a transfer from an "every day" account can be scheduled. Click Bank Transfer to find out more.

  2. Credit Card

    You authorise scheduled charges to your credit card on a regular basis. Click Credit Card to find out more.

  3. Direct Debit

    You authorise scheduled withdrawals from the account of your debit card on a regular basis. Click Direct Debit to find out more.

  4. Envelope System at Mass

    The parish provides an envelope system through which cash and cheque payments can be made during mass during the collection. Click Envelopes to find out more.

  5. "Loose" payments at Mass

    This option may have some attraction if you do not wish to make a commitment to providing regular support and/or wish to make effectively anonymous contributions. Click Plate (Loose) to find out more.

  6. "Donation Point Tap" at Church

    Like the option above, but for electronic payments, this option may have some attraction if you do not wish to make a commitment to providing regular support and/or wish to make essentially anonymous contributions. Click Donation Point Tap to find out more.


For regular giving, regardless of the approach (1-4) used:

  • Please keep the parish house informed of any changes. This is particularly important for the parish's budget.
  • These points are all covered in the details of each payment option.

What we are building

To see our plans and how your contribution will be used, go to Stewardship Program 2023.