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2021 02 06 Masks back on, Reduced COVID 19 web updates, Children's Reflection, Family Activities

Masks back on :(

Alas, as of Thursday morning 4th February 2021, masks must be worn at all times when indoors. This change was introduced as a change to the Covid Safe Summer restrictions (refer

End of COVID 19 web updates on the web

Hi folks,

In recent months we have been progressively returning to something closer to the "old normal". As result I will discontinue posting Jacinta's weekly parish news here on the parish web site. Jacinta will still be providing weekly updates, much of which is covered in The Word, our weekly church newsletter available at You can receive Jacinta's weekly parish news email directly by sending a request to: (Click for a pro forma email). After this week's COVID 19 news arctile, Jacinta's email will be the only place where you can find the latest "Children's Reflection, Family Activities".

Kind regards,


Children's Reflection, Family Activities

Click to find a Children's reflection page plus other details of interesting things to do together as family.

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