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2020 08 15 Children's Reflection, Family Activities, Spirit Magazine article request for Fathers' Day

Children's Reflection, Family Activities

Click to find a Children's reflection page plus other details of interesting things to do together as family.

Request for Fathers' Day articles - Spirit Magazine, September 2020


We really need everyones help to make sure the Fathers’ Day edition of The Spirit is as good as it can be. We need photos and stories.

Because we don’t have any current parish events happening, I have suggested the following to get your creative juices going. Remember, you don’t have to have journalistic qualifications - No one can tell your stories like you.

  • FATHERS AND /OR FATHER FIGURES IN YOUR LIVES - Tell us the funniest story about your father or father figure, or the best thing about him, and if your life story does not have memories of your father tell us what you think you missed most.
  • PHOTOS OF WHAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HAVE BEEN DOING DURING LOCKDOWN. Are you knitting, sewing, singing, drawing, painting, colouring in, jigsaw puzzles - Show us what you have achieved! And tell us the story about how you achieved it! Can be five words or fifty -
  • WHERE DO YOU SAY YOU ARE FROM? For instance, in my case, when asked I always say the district I lived in when I was born.
  • WHAT EVENTS HAS YOUR FAMILY HAD TO EXPERIENCE IN LOCKDOWN? Births, Birthdays, tell us how and what you have celebrated or commiserated.

Remember to ask for permission to publish any photos of persons other than yourself!

Are your pets helping your family through the pandemic? Send us photos of your hero pets.

Thank you, I have already cleared the decks to cope with the enormous response I am anticipating.

Please send your items to (Click for a pro forma email).


Spirit Extra #9 - August B 2020

The latest Spirit Extra Magazine, #9 - August B 2020, is out this weekend. Check it out here

2020 08 01 The Blessing Project, Spirit Extra August 2020

Following on from the choir's recent Covid project 'Abide O Spirit', the Choir now invite the whole parish community to join together in producing a video of 'The Blessing'.

If singing isn't your 'thing', dancing, swaying, waving, playing an instrument, or just providing a still photo will be gratefully received. The idea is to get as many parishioners faces included in a video clip as possible. Many churches around Australia and in fact the world, have joined in this project with some amazing video clips being produced (just search YouTube for 'The Blessing'). Click these links to see the Details of the project, the lyrics and the music. Start with the instructions in the project. If you have questions, email Maree Buttler (details in the project).

The latest Spirit Extra Magazine, #8 - August A 2020, is out this weekend. Check it out here

2020 07 11 Parish AGM, Winter Shelter Update, Spirit Extra! July #1

Holy Spirit Parish AGM

Please join us on Wednesday 15th July at 7:30pm.  Due to the current COVID restrictions this meeting will be held via Zoom.

Parish Groups, Sporting Clubs and School have been sent reports on their activities and how COVID has affected them.

To get details and to book, please contact the Parish House by phone, 9876 1077, or email,

Winter Shelter Update

Refer the WS Newsletter July 2020.pdf.

Spirit Extra!

Spirit Extra! July #1 is out now.

2020 07 10 Fr. Arsenio update re. Stage 3 Lockdown and cessation of services

My dear friends in Christ,

We are just returning to our normal ways and who would have thought we find ourselves back again to stage 3 lockdown. Premier Dan Andrews' announcement of at least 6 weeks lockdown was distressing and disappointing for us all. This affects everyone in many different ways. As far as parish life is concerned, this means unfortunately no more Masses. Churches and chapels are to be closed for weeks ahead but limited sacraments are allowed with 10 people for funerals and 5 people for weddings.

We may find this pandemic era as the worst of times but is indeed the best of times to show our sense of personal discipline and our willingness to show our spirit of solidarity and resilience. We have a faith that unceasingly prays and we absolutely trust, with Jesus in our midst, that we will overcome this together and move forward to a better life ahead of us all. Stay safe and God bless us all!

Fr. Arsenio

4th July 2020: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday Mass (recorded)

Hope you are warm and well!!  It has been a week that is very different.  l ask that we hold all those in the locked down 10 postcode areas in your thoughts and prayers.

This week the Archbishop announced the appointment of Monsignor Greg Bennet as the new Bishop of Sale.  We wish him all the very best.

This Sunday we celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday.  This mass was recorded and can now be seen in our News, Events section.

27th June 2020: What our children are missing about Holy Spirit Parish

For those of attending mass at Holy Spirit this weekend please take a look at the pin board near the seats. Some of the children have sent along some drawings on "What they are missing about Holy Spirit Parish".  Check the drawings out below the video in this article at our News, Events section.

20 June 2020: Weekend masses WERE to increase to 50 in the Church from 27th June with online bookings BUT this has since been delayed

Next weekend we were to see an increase in numbers for weekend masses to 50. However, today the Victoria Government have postponed this change and so for now we remain as we were before. Please refer Mass Times for more details.


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