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2020 07 10 Fr. Arsenio update re. Stage 3 Lockdown and cessation of services

My dear friends in Christ,

We are just returning to our normal ways and who would have thought we find ourselves back again to stage 3 lockdown. Premier Dan Andrews' announcement of at least 6 weeks lockdown was distressing and disappointing for us all. This affects everyone in many different ways. As far as parish life is concerned, this means unfortunately no more Masses. Churches and chapels are to be closed for weeks ahead but limited sacraments are allowed with 10 people for funerals and 5 people for weddings.

We may find this pandemic era as the worst of times but is indeed the best of times to show our sense of personal discipline and our willingness to show our spirit of solidarity and resilience. We have a faith that unceasingly prays and we absolutely trust, with Jesus in our midst, that we will overcome this together and move forward to a better life ahead of us all. Stay safe and God bless us all!

Fr. Arsenio

4th July 2020: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday Mass (recorded)

Hope you are warm and well!!  It has been a week that is very different.  l ask that we hold all those in the locked down 10 postcode areas in your thoughts and prayers.

This week the Archbishop announced the appointment of Monsignor Greg Bennet as the new Bishop of Sale.  We wish him all the very best.

This Sunday we celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday.  This mass was recorded and can now be seen in our News, Events section.

27th June 2020: What our children are missing about Holy Spirit Parish

For those of attending mass at Holy Spirit this weekend please take a look at the pin board near the seats. Some of the children have sent along some drawings on "What they are missing about Holy Spirit Parish".  Check the drawings out below the video in this article at our News, Events section.

20 June 2020: Weekend masses WERE to increase to 50 in the Church from 27th June with online bookings BUT this has since been delayed

Next weekend we were to see an increase in numbers for weekend masses to 50. However, today the Victoria Government have postponed this change and so for now we remain as we were before. Please refer Mass Times for more details.

13 June 2020: Reconciliation is now available, Catch up with Father in his regular Zoom sessions

Reconciliation is now available on Saturdays by appointment. Please call the Parish mobile, 0434 244 483, and leave your name and contact number. Details will be passed onto Fr. Arsenio and he will call you back to make a time.

Fortnightly Zoom chats with Fr. Arsenio and parish friends will begin this Wednesday the 17th June @ 5 - 5.30 p.m. It's a time to take a break and check in with each other during these socially isolating times. Come alone or bring a family member or friend. BYO cuppa or pre-dinner drink. Please call Mary on 0410 654 357 for details or tech. support if needed. ALL WELCOME.

06 June 2020: What do the restrictions mean for our children?

As adults we have been able to chat together and share what we are missing about our Parish, Mass and parish events to name some. I would like to ask the children of our parish to share with us what they are missing the most. Is it Children's Liturgy, coming to Mass and hearing about Jesus in the Gospel, not being able to serve as an altar server or being unable to meet Fr Arsenio yet? These are some of the things they may be missing so l would like to ask our parents and grandparents to ask the children and get them to draw a picture, write a short story or write a prayer and we will share these with all in our parish.

You can send these to me, Jacinta Bibby, and l will print them out and hang them in the church for us all to see and read and to understand how our children are feeling about missing church during this time of COVID-19.

01 June 2020: Pentecost Sunday Vigil Mass

Video of Fr. Arsenio celebrating Pentecost Sunday Mass in our Parish Chapel on 30th May. Click here

29 May 2020: Parish House update - Easing of Restrictions 15/20 per mass

This week we have had some great news. From next week we have increased numbers for mass attendance. Fr. Arsenio will now celebrate two week day masses with 15 people in the chapel, Wed and Fri 10:00 am, and three will be two weekend masses, Sat 6:00 pm and Sun 09:00 am, with 20 people in attendance in the church. We are still governed by government regulations for attendance, please see and follow booking instructions below.

With the easing of some COVID19 restrictions, the Archdiocese and the Victorian government have set very strict guidelines governing the service, especially with regard to the limitation of numbers and the need to register attendance for all Masses. We will also try to fair-share to provide as many people access as we can.

To register interest for weekday Masses in the Chapel, please ring only on the Parish mobile number 0434 224 483 by 3pm Tuesday. You will be contacted after 4pm on Tuesday to be advised if you have been successful for weekday Masses.

For weekend Masses in the Church please register by calling the Parish Mobile number 0434 224 483 by 3pm Thursday. You will be contacted after 4pm on Thursday to be advised if you have been successful for weekend Masses.

Please note we can only take personal bookings, unfortunately not bookings on behalf of others.

Due to the COVID19 health & sanitation requirements, toilet facilities are not available on the parish property.

Please note: regular weekend Masses will not be resuming at this stage. The Church, Chapel and parish office will remain closed at all other times until further notice. However please feel free to call or email the parish if you need to.

This week is our Parish feast day "Pentecost". We will record the Vigil mass and upload to our parish website for you view as soon as possible. In addition on Sunday 31st at 10am you can join in on "Zoom" with other parish members to celebrate Pentecost please see here for details.

02 May 2020: Message from Archbishop Peter 29th April 2020

Click here to see Archbishop Peter's message about the lockdown


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