Collection Notice

The Parish collects personal information, including sensitive information, to enable the Parish to:

  • inform you about the Parish and its activities
  • assist the Parish in better servicing yourself, your fellow parishioners and the Parish community
  • provide religious services to the Parish community including administering the sacraments and pastoral care to the faithful, including to children of the faithful
  • promote the activities of the Parish. In particular this is done via this web site, and newsletters such as The Word and The Spirit Magazine.

Information may need to be collected to allow the Parish to meet its legal obligations, to provide care for children while under the Parish's supervision and to discharge its duty of care. If you reside in the Parish or otherwise use its services, the information may also be used to solicit donations and/or request and engage your services as a volunteer from time to time. As a member of the faithful or someone who wishes to become a member of or participate in the Parish, you agree that the Parish will be collecting information about your religious affiliation or beliefs.

The Parish may need to disclose your personal information to third parties for administrative and fundraising purposes such as to other Parishes, the Archdiocese, medical practitioners and people providing services to schools, including volunteers. If you ask us to send your personal information overseas you agree that the Parish will have no control over the information disclosed and cannot ensure that an overseas recipient handles that information in accordance with the Privacy Act. If we do not receive the information requested, we may not be able to provide our services, such as administering the sacraments or supervising and providing care to children.

Any consents that are required for the use and disclosure of the personal information collected about children will be sought from their parents or guardians unless the child is 15 years or more, in which case the Parish may seek the child's consent if it considers this appropriate in all the particular circumstances.

For more information about how the Parish handles your personal information, how to access and correct it, how to make a complaint and how we handle complaints, see our Privacy Policy 
 Version 1, 28th September 2015