Sports Mass

Co-ordinator / Leader Michelle Sherriff
Contact Number Parish House: as per our Contact-Us page.
Members / Participants Over 200
Year the group started ~ 2002
Gathering place / time Sunday Mass, once per year
Holy Spirit Church
Main Function / Purpose Liturgy and Celebraration - Celebrate the diversity of sports involvment of both parish and school members.

Sports Mass - 2015

On Saturday 28th February 2015 we had our Special Sports Mass in the Holy Spirit Church and what an amazing turn-out it was! Well over 200 people packed the church and Children's Liturgy was so full that we needed to break into two groups!

A very, very big thank you to all the families and parishioners that attended, it was an amazing night! The children looked fantastic in their sports clothes and uniforms and even some adults wore football scarves and sports tops too which helped add to the sporting theme. The children helped out with the Mass with the RCIC children carrying sports equipment up to the altar at the start of Mass and the school children doing a fantastic job with the readings, prayers and reflections. We even had a retired footballer, Collingwood player Bill Serong, from St Anne’s parish, join us to share an insight into being a professional footballer.

After Mass it was the perfect evening for being outside to enjoy our sausage sizzle and a game of cricket! And Fr Joe didn’t disappoint the crowds, he was the star of the show, making so many runs that he needed to retire in order to let the children have a bat! Well done Fr Joe!

A very big thank you to all the hard workers who helped to organise the Mass, Children’s Liturgy, the sausage sizzle and the activities afterwards. What a wonderful way to celebrate as a community and to give thanks to God for the positive influence that sport plays in our lives.

Refer to the Spirit Magazine 2015 03 for more.

Images - 2015