Fear Not

Saturday 20th June 2020

Fear Not

Fear is an emotion with which we are all familiar as it often hinders our lives from being the people we want to be. We can think of many situations in life such as the fear of being laughed at, being out of fashion or regarded as weaklings. We often fail to stand up for what we know to be just and right in our hearts. Maybe in the company we keep there is danger of losing friends, by going to church, refusing to take part in gossip, or saying no to drugs. For evil to triumph, all that is required is for good people to remain silent.


The pressure in the face of temptation to abandon our Christian principles because of the mocking by others arises daily and challenges our loyalty to the teaching of Jesus.

If the word of God is to free us to act according to our deeper convictions then we must pray for the grace to overcome our fears. "Fear not" are the words of our Lord. Whatever happens God is always in control. It is His world. His power and his Spirit are at work in our midst and we can be sure of his steadfast love.

Fr. Arsenio

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