To Lead is to Serve

Saturday 16th October 2021

To Lead is to Serve

It seems society can never get away from the problems posed by status and rank. It was no different in the time of Jesus. This time,(Mark 10.35-45), the apostles James and John are requesting favoured treatment from Jesus. With an eye to the future, they were aiming at being part of Christ’s inner circle, sitting beside him at his right and left hand in glory. After calming the indignation of the other apostles, Jesus clearly points out a new standard of greatness and status. He is saying that success in his kingdom is not measured by worldly standards. There is no place in his community for ambitious power hungry people who are motivated solely by self-interest. Jesus wants his followers to think in terms of service rather than of authority. In any community he wants those who have authority to be seen at the service of those under their guidance. Christ lived what he preached. His whole life from working as a carpenter to dying on the cross set the example of such service. In so doing he was calling on his followers to share in spreading his gospel by giving themselves completely to his way of life.

We are all involved in the exercise of authority in some shape or form, whether at home or in our place of work. A great help is never to lose sight of the importance of service and availability to others. Jesus was very aware of our human failings because we are all inclined to live for ourselves without showing much concern for others. The attitude of "What's in it for me?" runs deep in the heart. The standard of greatness in his kingdom is the standard of the cross. And that's why we must never lose sight of service.

Stay well and safe.

God bless you all.

Fr. Arsenio

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