Trusting in the Lord

Saturday 4th July 2020

Trusting in the Lord

In this day and age, as the problems and worries of the moment overpower us, we all find life difficult and discouraging. As the signs of stress and tension become visible on our faces, we listen to those reassuring and comforting words of Jesus - 'Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest.' In the middle of trying situations he seems to invite us to come to him with our worries saying all will be well.

The giving of our hearts to Christ implies complete trust and childlike dependence. This gospel speaks to us of the tender personal and human qualities of Christ's love for us. God is full of mercy and compassion. He is a great comfort in times of sorrow and distress. Let us accept his invitation to build up our lives with Christ as our model.

Fr. Arsenio

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