Wheat and Weeds

Saturday 18th July 2020

Wheat and Weeds

Christ compares the church, the people of God, to a field where wheat and weeds grow side by side until the harvest. In the world around us, good and bad people mix like wheat and weeds growing in the same field. Every human heart contains a mixture of good and evil. The church is not an exclusive community of the virtuous. It is here because we are looking for salvation and we are conscious of our failings. The emphasis of the gospel is on exercising patience until God makes his great gathering. In the meantime, we all share the task of revealing the patience of God by forgiving the faults of others. Many of us will find this challenging as we may be harsh or judgemental by nature. It's so easy to pin people with the label 'sinner', forgetting how appearance are so often deceptive.

This does not mean we can have an attitude of indifference towards evil. While we hate sin, we must never stop loving the sinner. It is never too late for a sinner to turn back to God and be accepted. Weeds can never become wheat but by the power of God a sinner can become a saint. Let us be thankful that on the last day we shall be judged by God and not by one another.

Keep smiling, stay well and safe.

Fr. Arsenio

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