Prayer in all times

Saturday 8th August 2020

Prayer in all times

When confronted with stress and pressure of various kinds, we are very much like Peter. A sudden turn of events in life and we are faced with storms which threaten the peace and security of our homes and families. We need to hear those encouraging words of Christ, 'Don't be afraid.' Peter's mistake was that he turned to Jesus in real prayer only in a moment of crisis when he was paralysed by fear and in danger of drowning. We are reminded particularly those who tend to forget about God when all is going well and who only become serious about prayer when problems and tragedies surface.

The words "all we can do now is pray" become an attitude which regards prayer as a last resort when all else fails. Christ is prepared to help us at all times and not just in our hour of desperation. If we turn to Him in all the circumstances of our lives, He will show us how different his presence makes everything. When Peter accepted the Lord's invitation to come to him across the waters, he was taking a risk. It was a leap in the dark and a journey into the unknown. Likewise, we have been invited by Christ to leave our relative security and follow Him with conviction and courage through the storms and trials of this life.

Be well and stay safe.

Fr. Arsenio

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