Taking up the Cross

Saturday 29th August 2020

Taking up the Cross

Peter found it difficult to accept that the mission of Jesus would end with the cross and crucifixion. He did not see why pain and suffering were necessary for discipleship. He was against at the idea that such should take place. He thought that being part of the kingdom was a matter of success. He had yet to learn that the standards of Christ were not those of power and privilege. The outcome was a reprimand from Jesus who cautioned him against embracing the standards of the world.

If we look on our earthly pilgrimage, the road is never a straight one and suffering is a reality of human life, with trials and tribulations. We have all experienced our share of hardship in the form of sickness, loss of job, or death in the family. When things go wrong and pain comes our way we cry out and protest in rebellion. It's a natural tendency to escape from trouble but running away can never bring joy, as if to pretend that it does not exist. Christ tells us that discipleship involves denying ourselves, taking up the cross in trust and with confidence following His footsteps. It's a hard teaching but the measure of greatness in the kingdom of heaven is the standard of the cross. Let us reflect on our own commitment to Christ because it's easy to lose sight of our final goal in life. Our hearts are tempted to seek comfort in this world and to avoid hardship.

God bless us all.

Stay well and safe.

Fr. Arsenio

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