The responsibility we have to 'Call things out'

Saturday 5th August 2020

The responsibility we have to 'Call things out'

The readings point to a clear message concerning our responsibility towards the salvation of others within the community. We all have the duty of doing good while we can by helping those who are weak or in need of assistance. This doesn't mean we are interfering in people's lives. The love of our neighbour is priority. There is no living together without pain and the gospel brings us the delicate way of counselling those people who are misbehaving, doing wrong and going astray.

Correction is never easy and can be embarrassing as it may carry with it the risk of losing a long established friendship. Silence is golden but there are occasions when failure to speak out is to ignore an evil practice. What we have to say should be expressed in a spirit of charity and not for the sake of finding fault. Love is the one thing that cannot hurt our neighbour. To convey our genuine concern can often change the situation for the better. Christ himself emphasised the importance of being reconciled with our sisters and brothers.

Happy Fathers' Day!

Stay healthy and safe.

Fr. Arsenio

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