Contributing by Direct Debit Request

When arranging Direct Debit based payments you authorise scheduled withdrawals from the account of your debit card on a regular basis. Features of using this approach are:

  • You request the Parish to make payments as you authorise. To change that authority you need to contact the Parish House.
  • There's no bank fee paid charged to you, but there's a fee born by the parish (higher than that associated with Credit Card arrangements where the amount is more than $30)
  • You can set this up yourself online.

We ask that you set up two pledges as follows:

  1. Stewardship - supports the mission of our Parish and the work of the church across Melbourne. We need this to pay for things like pastoral programs such as Winter Shelter and sacramental programs, insurance, utilities, loans and other Church and Parish operating expenses, as well as the salaries of our staff.
  2. Presbytery - for the stipend and food expenses of our parish priest.
To authorise the parish to Direct Debit your account:
  1. download the Direct Debit Request (DDR)
  2. review both pages
  3. complete the form, e.g. print it off and fill in your details
  4. return the complete form, e.g. scan and attach ro an email as per below
    Note, the form only authorises a single amount rather than individual amoounts for Stewardship and Presbytery. Please indicate your preference regarding the split of your pledge amount between these two Giving Intentions.
The email should be sent to the parish house to advise of your pledge(s) with the information shown by example below or you can click here to generate a template email.

  • To:
  • Subject: Stewardship Pledge – Direct Debit

  • Name: Matthew Jamieson
  • Phone: 0400 123 456

  • Giving Intention 1: Stewardship
    • Amount: $40
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Anniversary: 1st of the month
  • Giving Intention 2: Presbytery
    • Amount: $10
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Anniversary: 15th of the month

Please keep the Parish House informed of any changes. This is particularly important for the parish's budget.

Funds drawn from your account will show on your statement as something like "HOLYSPIRIT NORTH RINGWOOD" (depending on your credit provider).

Payments will be acknowledge by an emailed receipt. You can elect to opt-out of receiving receipt emails.

To change an authorisation such as pause or cancel it, and perhaps make a new one, please contact the Parish House. This is particularly important for the parish's budget.

Thank you for making a commitment to the work of your parish.