Contributing by the Envelope system at Mass

The parish provides an envelope system through which cash and cheque payments can be made during mass during the collection. Features of using this approach are:

  • You request the parish of your planned contributions to the presbytery / stewardship and preference to use the envelope system. The Parish House arranges a set of weekly envelopes for you and will call you to arrange their collection (New envelope sets will be made available each each financial year). You would then use the envelopes each week to make your payment through a Mass collection. To change that arrangement you need to contact the Parish House.
  • There's no bank fee paid charged to you or the parish. However, there is a cost to the parish to purchase envelope sets.
  • This method involves the most manual work for yourself and the parish to establish and maintain.
  • As there's no automation of the payment involved, this approach relies on your mass attendance and "catching up" after periods of absence such as holidays or sickness.
  • Note: Cash is preferred over cheques.

The envelope system caters for two pledges:

  1. Stewardship - supports the mission of our Parish and the work of the church across Melbourne. We need this to pay for things like pastoral programs such as Winter Shelter and sacramental programs, insurance, utilities, loans and other Church and Parish operating expenses, as well as the salaries of our staff.
  2. Presbytery - for the stipend and food expenses of our parish priest.
You can request a set of envelopes by sending an email to the parish house to advise of your pledge(s) with the information shown by example below or you can click here to generate a template email.

  • To:
  • Subject: Stewardship Pledge – Envelope System

  • Name: Matthew Jamieson
  • Phone: 0400 123 456
  • Address: 22 Oban Road
    Ringwood North
    VIC  3134

  • Giving Intention 1: Stewardship
    • Weekly Amount: $40
  • Giving Intention 2: Presbytery
    • Weekly Amount: $10

To change a pledge such as to pause or cancel it, please contact the Parish House. This is particularly important for the parish's budget.

Thank you for making a commitment to the work of your parish.