Wall of Mercy Plaques, Family Names: -Cah

My daughter, granddaughter, Parish House & Evergreen Family

Plaque 135

My daughter, granddaughter,
Parish House & Evergreen Family

I chose the above because they are always there for me.My family always make sure I am alright.The Evergreens are there for me and make sure I get to Mass and trips.The Parish House girls all get me to the shops on Wednesdays and I get a lovely cup of coffee and a chat.Thankyou.

by: Betty McWade

Poppy Alf  

Plaque 71

Poppy Alf

I chose Poppy Alf because he is so kind. When I was a baby he sang songs to me. I chose him because he made wooden toys for people who could not afford toys at the toy shop.

by: Ava Leonard

Grandma Jenny

Plaque 43

Grandma Jenny 

I chose Grandma because she was a loving and caring person.She was devoted to her family and would do anything for them.She was always thinking of other people and would do what she could to help them.Even when she was sick she was still thinking of others, and was determined to make my Communion dress as she knew this would be special to me.

by: Ella Motteram

Aunty Maggie

Plaque 18

Aunty Maggie

I chose Aunty Maggie because of her generous works of love and kindness in caring for us siblings as we were growing up.Always giving of herself in meeting our needs, without question, without complaint.In spite of the darkness, her light shone through her acts of love and mercy.

by: Ingrid Jansz

Sister Rowena (The Little Nun)

Plaque 27

Sister Rowena
(The Little Nun)

Sister Rowena serves in a nursing home in New South Wales where my grandmother was a resident until she passed away in May. Sister Rowena was with us throughout my grandmother’s last days.We dubbed her the little nun, due to her small stature, but as we got to know her, we thought of her as "little" also due to her great humbleness.

One particular memory will stay with me forever.As we sat together by Nonna's side, she said to me "Aren't they amazing" talking about the dementia residents we could see out the window.I quickly quelled my immediate reaction to dispute her, as I considered their lack of mental capacity.I found myself actually "seeing" these people, seeing them the way Sister Rowena did, as Jesus in the flesh."Yes, they are amazing" I replied to her.It was one of those remarkable moments when God's presence is palpable.

The little nun, has an amazing way of seeing Jesus and showing mercy the way he did, in her care, both of the residents and of the families who's loved ones are at the end of their lives.

by: Yvette Collins

Neil Armstrong

Plaque 83

Neil Armstrong

I chose my Grandpa because I thought he was merciful in his life.My Grandpa was part of the Lions Club and showed mercy by helping those in need.He would donate money and food and other things to the less fortunate countries.We should be more like my Grandpa and show love and compassion to others.

by: Sofia Alonso

James Barden

Plaque 38

James Barden

I chose James because he does lots of jobs at SPJ but he shows mercy by supporting the whole SPJ community.He drives people to appointments, shops and even the airport.He does jobs at people’s homes and spends time with people who need someone to talk to.Some people are new to Australia and he helps them too.

by: Teagan Barden

Tommy Beirne

Plaque 13

Tommy Beirne

I chose my father because he taught me to treat everyone I meet with courtesy and kindness, always saying….it costs nothing to be nice….

by: Ida Brotherton

Mary Bresnan R.I.P.

Plaque 157

Mary Bresnan

I chose Mary Bresnan because she has been a “model of mercy” for me.When Mary was a Parish House Team Member, she impressed me with her faith commitment and down to earth, coping skills, with any issues that came her way. I learned that not all problems are solvable and sometimes, one has to accept people and situations just as they are.

by: Jean Smith

Leo Brophy

Plaque 7

Leo Brophy

I chose Leo Brophy because his great love for people from all walks of life saw him set up schools in Africa, support others to get on their feet.He was most well-known for his advocacy through the many years he spent writing articles to bring attention to the plight of the disadvantaged.

by: Carmel Brennan Cathy and Nathan Donnison

Tina Buccheri

Plaque 61

Tina Buccheri

I chose my Grandma because she has been a volunteer at Meals on Wheels for many years.Meals on Wheels is somewhere that provides meals to people in their homes who are unable to cook for themselves, like elderly people and the disabled.

by: Siena Martucci

Marie Cahill

Plaque 165

Marie Cahill

I chose my Aunt Marie.She has no children of her own, but she has 15 nieces and nephews and has always shown tremendous love, dedication and generosity to all of us and all our children and now our children’s children.

She is interested in everything we do and always welcomes any new additions to our family.She has generously and quietly offered help if any of us have experienced hardship, never seeking attention.She has a steadfast faith and I have always considered her to be a person of mercy.I thank God for her presence in our family.

by: Annette Young