Wall of Mercy Plaques, Family Names: Mc-O'K

Frank & June McClelland

Plaque 137

Frank & June McClelland

I chose my mother because she was gentle, generous, consistently hardworking with James, gave their 3 children Catholic education unlike her education (Catholic) relinquished in favour of siblings.

Possibly ahead of her time, in believing she shouldn’t have to remain a worker for her birth family.She ran farms (dairy) rising at 4 am, seven days, plus shops.Fasting, 18 hours before Holy Communion, Sundays.

by: Sr. Marian McClelland

Barbara McGowan

Plaque 162

Barbara McGowan

I chose my mum Suzi, because she is a kind forgiving person, I find she can be forgiving even when tough times come. She is very compassionate and is understanding towards myself and others. I think she is merciful.

by: Roma Canty

Angela Merkel

Plaque 194

Angela Merkel

I chose my Granny because she is very thoughtful and helpful to all of her six children and all of her 11 grandchildren.She is kind and loving and spiritual. My Granny is a model of Mercy to me because she is Merciful.

by: Marisa Matthys

Marita Mills

Plaque 60

Marita Mills

I chose my Grandad because he always rings his 97 year-old mother every day at 11:00 to see how she is.He takes communion to people in nursing homes.He always makes his 13 grandchildren laugh and makes us spoilt.We love our Grandad.

by: Makedde Hartman

Mary Florence Morrison

Plaque 108

Mary Florence Morrison

I chose my Mum because she always puts everybody before her.She is kind, caring, loving, and never gives up and you look after me safely.Xoxo.

by: Nola Ryan

Fr. Terry Naughton MSC

Plaque 172

Fr. Terry Naughton

I chose my Dad because he always puts everyone before him.He is loving, caring, smart, and never gives up.Xoxo

by: Denise and David Carl

Peter Newton

Plaque 84

Peter Newton

I chose my Nanna because she is a very caring, loving and generous person.She cares for me and my family and is always there for us even though she lives far away.

by: Charli Newton

Annie Therese Nolan

Plaque 11

Annie Therese Nolan

I chose Margaret because she is a beautiful person who shows mercy in all aspects of her life.At home she has taken in family who have needed support and assistance with no hesitation.At work she eases people’s lives by giving comforts such as kindness, a smile, a laugh and reassurance to the patients and their families.

by: Tina Toomey

Marita North-Coombes

Plaque 39

Marita North-Coombes

I chose Shirley because she is truly inspirational in her energy and passion for helping people.Apart from her total dedication to her family, Shirley volunteers her time to ‘Very Special Kids’ and has been seen in the company of a very large pink pig on more than one occasion!

Her involvement with Holy Spirit is enormous – from Evergreens, to the Grief and Loss Support team, Altar Servers training, and the Liturgy Team, her dedication and care is unending.

by: Chloe North-Coombes

Anna Northey

Plaque 95

Anna Northey

I chose my Papa because he is a wonderful great grandfather that is always interested in what I am doing and trying to help me in any way he can.He is always giving us fresh fruit and vegetables from his garden because he knows how much my family and I love them.He is selfless and always puts our needs before his.

by: Benjamin Sette

Sr. Angelato O'Donoghue RGS

Plaque 178

Sr. Angelato O'Donoghue

I chose my mother because she found great strength in her faith and had a great devotion for the Virgin Mary. As a child she experienced WWI in occupied Belgium. As a married woman with eight children faced war again WWII in the Netherlands. She got through all these bad times in silent prayers.

by: Mary Ryan

Joseph van Konynenburg & Thomas Joseph O'Keefe

Plaque 167

Joseph van Konynenburg &
Thomas Joseph O'Keefe

I chose Nana Kath because she is very kind.My Nana is honest and helpful to me and my family.My Nana often looks after us, she cooks for us and is very helpful in the community. My Nana is a good Christian and sets a good example.

by: Helen Konynenburg