Wall of Mercy Plaques, Given Names: Eu-Jo

Fr. Eugene San

Plaque 132

Fr. Eugene San

Our family has chosen Fr Eugene San, SAC as our Model of Mercy.As parish priest at Holy Spirit we have come to know him personally, in times of joy and sorrow.We find him to be a model of humility and service to others, of dedication and compassion, one who is committed to striving for others.He deserves to be our Model of Mercy although he will be very embarrassed if he ever finds out.

by: The Volombello Family

Frank & June McClelland

Plaque 137

Frank & June McClelland

I chose my parents because they were wonderful parents to us 5 children.Each of us had difficulties as we went along.Frank and June supported us financially and emotionally.We were always held in their love, and they showed that love openly.We hold their memory with love, gratitude and honour.

by: Sr. Marian McClelland

Imre Gueth

Plaque 74

Imre Gueth

I chose my Papa because he is a wonderful great grandfather that is always interested in what I am doing and trying to help me in any way he can.He is always giving us fresh fruit and vegetables from his garden because he knows how much my family and I love them.He is selfless and always puts our needs before his.

by: Taline Gaudion

Jacinta Rose Deed

Plaque 34

Jacinta Rose Deed

I chose Jacinta because she is kind, loving, and friendly and she always tries cheering people up.She loves everyone she meets including me.Jacinta shows mercy and grace wherever she goes.

by: Madison Bell

James Barden

Plaque 38

James Barden

I chose James because he does lots of jobs at SPJ but he shows mercy by supporting the whole SPJ community.He drives people to appointments, shops and even the airport.He does jobs at people’s homes and spends time with people who need someone to talk to.Some people are new to Australia and he helps them too.

by: Teagan Barden

James Desmond

Plaque 126

James Desmond

I chose Grandpa because he was dedicated to his faith and living how God wants us to.Leading by example and passing on important Christian values, including being kind, compassionate, faithful, respectful and loving.Admired by his 5 children, 17 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and everyone who met him.

by: John & Bernadette Loughron Belinda & Xavier McCartney

Jane Jacinto

Plaque 170

Jane Jacinto

I chose my mother because my mother was a very simple woman.All the values we have today; love, forgiveness, sharing and kindness are because of her teachings.

Most of all she taught us “how to pray”.She loved Jesus, and she taught us to believe and follow him.

by: Flavia

Grandma Jenny

Plaque 43

Grandma Jenny 

I chose Grandma because she was a loving and caring person.She was devoted to her family and would do anything for them.She was always thinking of other people and would do what she could to help them.Even when she was sick she was still thinking of others, and was determined to make my Communion dress as she knew this would be special to me.

by: Ella Motteram

John Foley

Plaque 16

John Foley

I chose my Grandad because he always rings his 97 year-old mother every day at 11:00 to see how she is.He takes communion to people in nursing homes.He always makes his 13 grandchildren laugh and makes us spoilt.We love our Grandad.

by: Phoebe Brown (age 8 in 2016)

John Hayes aka Mick/Poppa

Plaque 3

John Hayes
aka Mick/Poppa

I chose Poppa, our great grandfather because Poppa was the father of 2, grandfather of 9 and great grandfather of 18. Born in 1916, he died 3 months short off a century. He joined the military police during the 2nd World War. After, he was a district inspector for the Melbourne Tramways for over 40 years. He and Nana moved to Rye when he retired – he LOVED the ocean! He cared for Nan until she died at 73. For the next 26 years he lived independently, volunteered for the blind association for 10 years, gave up a 60yr smoking habit and sat for hours on the beach with friends each day. He was very active in his care home up until his last week. His warm heart, caring ways, cheeky manner and great humour ensured he was loved by and loved many people during his life.

by: Manson Family

Joseph van Konynenburg & Thomas Joseph O'Keefe

Plaque 167

Joseph van Konynenburg &
Thomas Joseph O'Keefe

Joseph van Konynenburg - My Father-in-law

Steel fabricator - Lover of music, singing, enjoyment of life and people.

Lived through two World Wars, was injured and suffered terrible deprivation, fear for his family and witness to many hideous acts of war, but never uttered a word of hatred towards those perpetrators of these acts - Never judged people

Thomas Joseph O'Keefe - My Father

Road maker, Farmer, Council worker - Lover of poetry, music and people.

"Never make judgements of people - you don't know where they have come from"

"There is never justification for unkindness to man or animal".

How lucky was I to have two men of such mercy in my life?

by: Helen Konynenburg