Wall of Mercy Plaques: 135-166

My daughter, granddaughter, Parish House & Evergreen Family

Plaque 135

My daughter, granddaughter,
Parish House & Evergreen Family

I chose the above because they are always there for me.My family always make sure I am alright.The Evergreens are there for me and make sure I get to Mass and trips.The Parish House girls all get me to the shops on Wednesdays and I get a lovely cup of coffee and a chat.Thankyou.

by: Betty McWade

Kevin & Pat Callanan

Plaque 136

Kevin & Pat Callanan

I chose my Uncle Kev and Aunty Pat as models of mercy because of the inspiring way their faith informed their lives. During the refugee crisis in the late 1970’s, when thousands of Vietnamese ‘boat’ people arrived in Australia, they opened their home to one young refugee couple Tuyen and Tuoi Do. Pat and Kevin offered support and a new start in life for them by providing accommodation in their garage which had been recently refitted. All this while maintaining a normal life with their own family, with 3 teenagers still at home. Tuyen and Tuoi stayed with them for 9 months before moving on to integrate into Australian life. In the process they became an important part of Kevin and Pat’s family (and our extended family).

Kevin was also a regular volunteer for many years at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy, a commitment that Pat took over after Kevin’s sudden death at aged 56, and continued for another 20 years. The love, compassion and work for social justice they modelled, continues to inspire me and I feel so blessed to have them as a beloved Uncle and Aunty.

by: Mary Ryan

Frank & June McClelland

Plaque 137

Frank & June McClelland

I chose my parents because they were wonderful parents to us 5 children.Each of us had difficulties as we went along.Frank and June supported us financially and emotionally.We were always held in their love, and they showed that love openly.We hold their memory with love, gratitude and honour.

by: Sr. Marian McClelland

Rita Ignatius & Sr. Margaret Ignatius R.S.M.

Plaque 142

Rita Ignatius &
Sr. Margaret Ignatius R.S.M.

I chose my grandmother Rita who had thirteen daughters and was the matriarch of our family.She was a faith-filled person, loving, kind, fun to be with and full of wisdom.

Like Grandma, Aunty Margaret, a Mercy Sister, guided me through difficult times.

by: Damien Shepherd

Tommy Beirne

Plaque 13

Tommy Beirne

I chose my father because he taught me to treat everyone I meet with courtesy and kindness, always saying….it costs nothing to be nice….

by: Ida Brotherton

Paolo Uliana

Plaque 148

Paolo Uliana

Mercy is about having compassion and forgiveness towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

I chose Paolo because as a father and husband and as leader of the family, he showed great compassion towards his children.He would not judge your decisions, especially poorly made ones, but rather was forgiving and understanding.

by: Rose Liliana

Mary Bresnan R.I.P.

Plaque 157

Mary Bresnan

I chose Mary Bresnan because she has been a “model of mercy” for me.When Mary was a Parish House Team Member, she impressed me with her faith commitment and down to earth, coping skills, with any issues that came her way. I learned that not all problems are solvable and sometimes, one has to accept people and situations just as they are.

by: Jean Smith

Maria C. Gysberts

Plaque 160

Maria C. Gysberts

I chose my mother because she found great strength in her faith and had a great devotion for the Virgin Mary. As a child she experienced WWI in occupied Belgium. As a married woman with eight children faced war again WWII in the Netherlands. She got through all these bad times in silent prayers.

by: Keith Gysberts

Barbara McGowan

Plaque 162

Barbara McGowan

I chose Barbara because I have known her for many years but did not fully realise the depth of her love and caring for the elderly of our parish.

I am now blessed with a closer relationship and find, without ever having to ask, Barbara is there when I need her and I watch as she spreads her wings throughout the retirement village where I live.

by: Roma Canty

Marie Cahill

Plaque 165

Marie Cahill

I chose my Aunt Marie.She has no children of her own, but she has 15 nieces and nephews and has always shown tremendous love, dedication and generosity to all of us and all our children and now our children’s children.

She is interested in everything we do and always welcomes any new additions to our family.She has generously and quietly offered help if any of us have experienced hardship, never seeking attention.She has a steadfast faith and I have always considered her to be a person of mercy.I thank God for her presence in our family.

by: Annette Young

Sr. Kathleen Ignatius R.S.M.

Plaque 166

Sr. Kathleen Ignatius

I chose Aunty Kathleen because she shows mercy and has always been a special person in my life.She is always kind and caring and gives me advice when I need it.She is generous with her time, taking me on train trips and outings.She shares with me her faith passed on by her mother, who is my grandmother.

by: Angela Shepherd