Reflection On Pentecost
Volume 31, No 2, June 2016
Our Parish Community - Parish Stewardship
Volume 31, No 1, March 2016
Refuge, Refugees
Volume 30, No 4, December 2015
The Case of the Disappearing Father
Volume 30, No 3, September 2015
Pope Francis: 'I have not watched television since 1990'
Volume 30, No 2, June 2015
Holy Spirit Sports Mass
Volume 30,  No 1, March 2015
Happy Christmas
Volume 29, No 4, December 2014
Golden Jubilee of Ordination, Father Peter Robinson
Volume 29, No 3, September 2014
BILL ECCLES... Vincentian
Volume 29, No 2, July 2014
The Spirit Magazine since 1991
Volume 29, No 1, April 2014
If only I could be one of them
Volume 28, No 4, December 2013
Doing The Right Thing Because It Is The Right Thing
Volume 28, No 3, September 2013

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