Wall of Mercy Plaques, Given Names: Mar-Mar

Margaret Glumac

Plaque 42

Margaret Glumac

I chose Margaret because she is a beautiful person who shows mercy in all aspects of her life.At home she has taken in family who have needed support and assistance with no hesitation.At work she eases people’s lives by giving comforts such as kindness, a smile, a laugh and reassurance to the patients and their families.

by: Sharlotte Brown

Rita Ignatius & Sr. Margaret Ignatius R.S.M.

Plaque 142

Rita Ignatius &
Sr. Margaret Ignatius R.S.M.

I chose my grandmother Rita who had thirteen daughters and was the matriarch of our family.She was a faith-filled person, loving, kind, fun to be with and full of wisdom.

Like Grandma, Aunty Margaret, a Mercy Sister, guided me through difficult times.

by: Damien Shepherd

Sr. Margaret Purchase

Plaque 56

Sr. Margaret Purchase

Our Aunty Margaret (Sister Margaret Purchase) was an example of mercy personified. She said her special gift was hospitality and she certainly made everyone feel welcome and appreciated in a special way. Her years of service to others, through her vocation as a Daughter of Charity for over 60 years was inspirational.

by: Maryann Street

Maria C. Gysberts

Plaque 160

Maria C. Gysberts

I chose my mother because she found great strength in her faith and had a great devotion for the Virgin Mary. As a child she experienced WWI in occupied Belgium. As a married woman with eight children faced war again WWII in the Netherlands. She got through all these bad times in silent prayers.

by: Keith Gysberts

Marie Cahill

Plaque 165

Marie Cahill

I chose my Aunt Marie.She has no children of her own, but she has 15 nieces and nephews and has always shown tremendous love, dedication and generosity to all of us and all our children and now our children’s children.

She is interested in everything we do and always welcomes any new additions to our family.She has generously and quietly offered help if any of us have experienced hardship, never seeking attention.She has a steadfast faith and I have always considered her to be a person of mercy.I thank God for her presence in our family.

by: Annette Young

Marita Mills

Plaque 60

Marita Mills

I chose my nanny because she shows mercy to me because she’s funny, loving and makes a great friend.She can start a conversation and make it last for hours and it’s still not boring.She shares and tries her best in everything she can, and I love her just the way she is.

by: Makedde Hartman

Marita North-Coombes

Plaque 39

Marita North-Coombes

I chose my Nan because she shows mercy by putting other people’s needs before her own.She helps the elderly in their daily life.She also dedicates her time to her family, especially her 12 grandchildren.She is a very kind, compassionate and loving person and we are very thankful for her.

by: Chloe North-Coombes

Nancy D’Allensndro & Marjorie Story

Plaque 9

Nancy D’Allensndro &
Marjorie Story

I chose Nancy and Marjorie because these two ladies have been a part of my life for almost 70 years. One of strong Catholic Italian back ground, the other equally strong Church of England. To me they represent grace, humanity, charity, love and kindness. Always there when needed, no questions asked, ready to help whatever the situation.

by: Shirley Graham

Mary Bresnan R.I.P.

Plaque 157

Mary Bresnan

I chose Mary Bresnan because she has been a “model of mercy” for me.When Mary was a Parish House Team Member, she impressed me with her faith commitment and down to earth, coping skills, with any issues that came her way. I learned that not all problems are solvable and sometimes, one has to accept people and situations just as they are.

by: Jean Smith

Mary Florence Morrison

Plaque 108

Mary Florence Morrison

I chose my mother because she was for all who knew her, an example of mercy in action.With love, she welcomed and gave comfort to all, sheltered those in need treating them with respect, caring for them and giving them a new start.The tragedy of losing a four old son she bore with patience and without bitterness.

by: Nola Ryan

Mary Sultana

Plaque 85

Mary Sultana

I chose Mary Sultana because she gives up her time and goes to church every Sunday. She donates money to the church to help Caritas. She also visits her sister in a nursing home to keep her company.

by: Caitlyn Sultana

Maryanne Scott

Plaque 6

Maryanne Scott

I chose my Nana, Maryanne Scott, because she touched our lives very much. She also had a strong faith with God. Anyone she came across she gave the same respect as she did to others. We love her very much and may she rest in peace.

by: Tori and the Stone Family