Wall of Mercy Plaques, Given Names: Mau-Ri

Maureen Pote

Plaque 70

Maureen Pote

I chose Grandma because if I was worried she would always pray for me with her Rosary Beads. She was a loving and caring person. When I would see her she would give me a hug and kiss. She had such a good mindset. She loved praying and helping people in need.

by: Starly Pote

Nancy D’Allensndro & Marjorie Story

Plaque 9

Nancy D’Allensndro &
Marjorie Story

I chose Nancy and Marjorie because these two ladies have been a part of my life for almost 70 years. One of strong Catholic Italian back ground, the other equally strong Church of England. To me they represent grace, humanity, charity, love and kindness. Always there when needed, no questions asked, ready to help whatever the situation.

by: Shirley Graham

Neil Armstrong

Plaque 83

Neil Armstrong

I chose my Grandpa because I thought he was merciful in his life.My Grandpa was part of the Lions Club and showed mercy by helping those in need.He would donate money and food and other things to the less fortunate countries.We should be more like my Grandpa and show love and compassion to others.

by: Sofia Alonso

Nola Curran

Plaque 52

Nola Curran

I chose Nola Curran because she is kind, willing to help and inclusive of others.She is a hard worker and shows compassion and understanding to those less fortunate in her daily life and work every day.Nola is a great role model to those around her.She is gracious and is willing with her time for me and by this I know that I am loved.She drives and encourages me to follow my heart and my dreams.

by: Rilee Oliver

Nony Chong

Plaque 14

Nony Chong

I chose my oldest sister, Nony, because she represents the word “mercy” in every sense – graceful, compassionate and exudes kindness in all that she does.

There was one day in my early 20s when Nony was driving me to the airport.I got angry when

the car in front of us suddenly made a right turn without indicating but Nony said calmly, “maybe he didn’t realise his indicator wasn’t working”.That’s very her, always slow to anger, always seeing the good rather than the faults in others.That incident made me realise how much I wanted to be like her, and to raise a God-loving family, just like her.

To this day she continues to inspire me with her unwavering faith in God and leading a prayerful life.She’s my oldest sibling but more importantly, she’s a role model to me in more ways than she ever realised.

by: Cecilia Chong

Pam Hegarty

Plaque 110

Pam Hegarty

I choose my wife Pamela Hegarty.We were both widowed and met through a mutual friend.I was a non-practicing catholic and we were married by a civil celebrant.Pam had a strong feeling for the catholic faith and encouraged me to attend Mass and came with me.When on holiday in Queensland the priest spoke about the RCIA programme. Later that day Pam said going to Mass and not receiving communion was not enough and she wanted to become a catholic.

On our return home Pam contacted Father Allan Mithen at Holy Spirit and arranged to attend the RCIA meetings.I attended every meeting with her in addition to making an appointment with Father Mithen to make my peace with God.Pam was accepted into the church at the Easter Vigil at Holy Spirit on 19th April 2003.On our 17th wedding anniversary we renewed our marriage vows at Holy Spirit.

Pam has been a communion minister, taken communion to the sick at home and in hospital and we conducted Lenten meetings at our home for a number of years.

by: Brian Hegarty

Paolo Uliana

Plaque 148

Paolo Uliana

Mercy is about having compassion and forgiveness towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

I chose Paolo because as a father and husband and as leader of the family, he showed great compassion towards his children.He would not judge your decisions, especially poorly made ones, but rather was forgiving and understanding.

by: Rose Liliana

Kevin & Pat Callanan

Plaque 136

Kevin & Pat Callanan

I chose my Uncle Kev and Aunty Pat as models of mercy because of the inspiring way their faith informed their lives. During the refugee crisis in the late 1970’s, when thousands of Vietnamese ‘boat’ people arrived in Australia, they opened their home to one young refugee couple Tuyen and Tuoi Do. Pat and Kevin offered support and a new start in life for them by providing accommodation in their garage which had been recently refitted. All this while maintaining a normal life with their own family, with 3 teenagers still at home. Tuyen and Tuoi stayed with them for 9 months before moving on to integrate into Australian life. In the process they became an important part of Kevin and Pat’s family (and our extended family).

Kevin was also a regular volunteer for many years at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy, a commitment that Pat took over after Kevin’s sudden death at aged 56, and continued for another 20 years. The love, compassion and work for social justice they modelled, continues to inspire me and I feel so blessed to have them as a beloved Uncle and Aunty.

by: Mary Ryan

Patricia O'Sullivan

Plaque 8

Patricia O'Sullivan

I chose my Mum because she was very dedicated to her faith and family - that was her life.The mother of 7 children and living on a farm, she encountered many challenges – floods, droughts and raising 7 children, but always made the most of the little that she had. Mum passed away on 19th December 2015, a week before her 90th birthday, with all her family around her.

by: Maureen Taffe

Peter Newton

Plaque 84

Peter Newton

I chose my Pa, Peter Newton because he is the dedicated President of Ryder Cheshire Foundation Australia. When he was volunteering for the Ryder Cheshire Foundation he developed a plan to build a house in East Timor which is called Klibur Domin. He created the home or the sick and disabled East Timorese people, which he visits a few times a year. He has also written a book about his experience with running the home.

by: Charli Newton

Peter Reardon

Plaque 180

Peter Reardon

I chose my Dad, Peter Reardon because he has given decades of service and dedication in his professional, community and family life.His sacrifices ensured our family had the best opportunities growing up and his support enabled my sisters and I to become the women we are today.

by: Emily Woodhams

Rita Ignatius & Sr. Margaret Ignatius R.S.M.

Plaque 142

Rita Ignatius &
Sr. Margaret Ignatius R.S.M.

I chose my grandmother Rita who had thirteen daughters and was the matriarch of our family.She was a faith-filled person, loving, kind, fun to be with and full of wisdom.

Like Grandma, Aunty Margaret, a Mercy Sister, guided me through difficult times.

by: Damien Shepherd