Wall of Mercy Plaques, Given Names: Ro-Ti

Robyn Vorherr

Plaque 185

Robyn Vorherr

I chose Robyn because I am very blessed to have been so well loved and cared for my daughter, along with others.Being dedicated for 39 years to nursing thousands of patients, one area being “Casualty Emergency” which is a tough gig.

God’s grace has shone through and that’s mercy.

by: Angela Orwin

Rose Pote

Plaque 75

Rose Pote

I chose Nana because she shows the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. Nana Rose is compassionate because she has worked with people with special needs for the last 8 years. Nana Rose cares for these people and shows kindness. Nana is a mother of six children and grandmother of 10. She cares for everyone and loves her family.

Nana is patient and forgiving.

by: Thomas Rees

Sister Rowena (The Little Nun)

Plaque 27

Sister Rowena
(The Little Nun)

Sister Rowena serves in a nursing home in New South Wales where my grandmother was a resident until she passed away in May. Sister Rowena was with us throughout my grandmother’s last days.We dubbed her the little nun, due to her small stature, but as we got to know her, we thought of her as "little" also due to her great humbleness.

One particular memory will stay with me forever.As we sat together by Nonna's side, she said to me "Aren't they amazing" talking about the dementia residents we could see out the window.I quickly quelled my immediate reaction to dispute her, as I considered their lack of mental capacity.I found myself actually "seeing" these people, seeing them the way Sister Rowena did, as Jesus in the flesh."Yes, they are amazing" I replied to her.It was one of those remarkable moments when God's presence is palpable.

The little nun, has an amazing way of seeing Jesus and showing mercy the way he did, in her care, both of the residents and of the families who's loved ones are at the end of their lives.

by: Yvette Collins

Shirley Graham

Plaque 123

Shirley Graham

I chose Shirley because she is truly inspirational in her energy and passion for helping people.Apart from her total dedication to her family, Shirley volunteers her time to ‘Very Special Kids’ and has been seen in the company of a very large pink pig on more than one occasion!

Her involvement with Holy Spirit is enormous – from Evergreens, to the Grief and Loss Support team, Altar Servers training, and the Liturgy Team, her dedication and care is unending.

by: Jenny Philp

Bill & Shirley Webb

Plaque 193

Bill & Shirley Webb

I chose Bill and Shirley Webb as they showed unconditional love to everyone they met.Bill was a prisoner of war in Changi in WW2 and suffered for 3 years.But together with Shirley he used this experience to teach their children the power of love and forgiveness.

They taught through example how to live faith filled and compassionate lives to their 7 children and families.

by: Phillipa Higgins

Susan Gittins

Plaque 98

Susan Gittins

I chose my Nanna because she is a very caring, loving and generous person.She cares for me and my family and is always there for us even though she lives far away.

by: Nicholas Zito

Suzi Faulkner

Plaque 77

Suzi Faulkner

I chose my mum Suzi, because she is a kind forgiving person, I find she can be forgiving even when tough times come. She is very compassionate and is understanding towards myself and others. I think she is merciful.

by: Isabella Faulkner

Suzie Mascarenhas

Plaque 190

Suzie Mascarenhas

I chose my mum Suzie because she always puts everyone else’s needs in front of her own. The most significant example is when she hid her diagnosis of breast cancer from us during my wedding time, till I was back from my honeymoon. She did not want to ruin my special day. Thank you mum - my role model.We love you.

by: Etta D’Souza

Fr. Terry Naughton MSC

Plaque 172

Fr. Terry Naughton

I chose Fr Terry Naughton MSC because he has been a fried of our family for over 30 decades. Our family consists of 6 diverse individuals. Whilst journeying with us through life’s travails and joys, Terry has never faltered in expressing his love for our family through his consistency, care, compassion and unconditional acceptance. He is without doubt our family’s heart of mercy and compassion

by: Denise and David Carl

Thelma Clark

Plaque 124

Thelma Clark

I chose Aunty Thelma because she was not only my aunty, but also my best friend.When I was growing up she was the person I could talk to about anything.She never had children of her own but we spent a lot of time together going on holidays and I used to spend a lot of time at her house. She was always so kind and pleasant to everyone she met and loved me unconditionally.

by: Barbara McGowan

Joseph van Konynenburg & Thomas Joseph O'Keefe

Plaque 167

Joseph van Konynenburg &
Thomas Joseph O'Keefe

Joseph van Konynenburg - My Father-in-law

Steel fabricator - Lover of music, singing, enjoyment of life and people.

Lived through two World Wars, was injured and suffered terrible deprivation, fear for his family and witness to many hideous acts of war, but never uttered a word of hatred towards those perpetrators of these acts - Never judged people

Thomas Joseph O'Keefe - My Father

Road maker, Farmer, Council worker - Lover of poetry, music and people.

"Never make judgements of people - you don't know where they have come from"

"There is never justification for unkindness to man or animal".

How lucky was I to have two men of such mercy in my life?

by: Helen Konynenburg

Tina Buccheri

Plaque 61

Tina Buccheri

I chose my Grandma because she has been a volunteer at Meals on Wheels for many years.Meals on Wheels is somewhere that provides meals to people in their homes who are unable to cook for themselves, like elderly people and the disabled.

by: Siena Martucci